On a home improvement show -they put paper on a floor and sealed it- it looked like stone - how do you do that

I really want to put it on a countertop. I tried gluing the paper down and putting polyeuerathane over it, but the poly made the paper come unglued. Maybe I need a different adhesive? Anyone try something like this?

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm sorry that I missed that show. The only ones I have seen was where they glued down the pattern for the "bricks", then painted the bricks in. When they lifted the pattern, it looked like the bricks were separated by grouting. Then when the paint dried, they sealed it with urethane. But this is obviously not what you are talking about.

    Have you thought of doing an episode search on that show to find out exactly how they did this? Either on the network that carries it, or you can do a search on Youtube.com? I've heard that Youtube carries everything to do with TV.

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    I've linked the site I found the following quote from. It sounds like the problem was glue. You should clean the area and use polyurathane to "glue" your paper, and then seal the top again with it. This suggests a leather look finish, but variations in the paper could certainly lend to a stone appearance.

    ..."An even cheaper and more creative option? I have a very natural home with a very unnatural vinyl floor. Not having the cash to lay the slate floor I wanted, I took an idea from a faux leather lamp I had made, and made a faux leather floor! This is simply torn brown paper applied to a clean floor with polyurethane, and then sealed with several more layers of poly. Crumple the paper before you lay it down for an authentic look. This looks just like a leather floor, wears well, and even if you do get a stain, because of the variable finish, you are unlikely to notice! Another option is to create individual tiles from plywood, paint or faux finish as desired, seal with polyurethane, and then lay with tile adhesive and grout just like any tile floor. This idea will give you a one of a kind floor and could save you hundreds in the cost of tile."

    The link provides extensive information and additional ideas.

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  • 1 decade ago

    change adhesives to poly. but also the type of countertop may be the problem. some countertops just don't accept any kind of adhesive.

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