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i hate this girl but she likes me how do i tell her i dont like her without hurting her feelings?

she keeps bugging me and getting so close to me and i just want to tell her to go away. but i dont want to be rude. she has gotten me introuble because i told her i cant take it anymore and i dont really want to be her friend. everytime i try to talk to her in a nice way she tells the teachers and they make me play with her and be her friend. how can i tell her without her getting the teachers involved?

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    If you don't like her ,why worry about her feelings?

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  • Anonymous
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    Hate is a strong word

    but this girl sounds really... REALLY irritating.

    Get the teacher involved - if there is no information missing from your question - this shouldn't be an issue.

    However if you have anything to hide from the teachers or your parents, this is going to be a tough lesson in dealing with people.

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  • how old r yall you sound like 5 graders well tell her on the phone

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  • Jet
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    1 decade ago

    Don't burn bridges. She could be your boss at work in 20 years.

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    u may HAVE to tell her bluntly that u don't want to be her friend, then maybe she will leave u alone. or get to know her, maybe she's not so bad. but if she is, tell her bluntly that ur not into being her friend. good luck

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