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Help for a French style dinner?

I am giving a French dinner to few friends on Monday. Do you have any idea, what can be the manue? All suggestions are welcome!

I would defintely like to make Kich (Spelling? read kish), but this time I would like to have a great, well expereinced recepy instead of experimenting with it. Also, I am interested in the recepy of the fruit cake baked upside down. Any other suggestion is warmly welcome.

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    OMG, you mean Quiche, I think.

    You can make a salad of fresh raw tender artichokes dressed in a good oliver oil with a bit of garlic and shaved Romano cheese.

    In France we start with the appetizer and the salad is eaten last but before the dessert, which is ofter cheeses (let the cheese ripen at room temp for at least 40 minutes).

    Here is my recipe for quiche

    Pastry: 3.25 cups all purpose flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt, pinch baking powder sifted

    Add 1 cup Crisco (only Crisco will do) and blend with fingers or pastry cutter

    Add 1/2 cup cold water blending with fingers or wooden spoon - when it just sticks together make into two balls and roll out in a round for 10 inch pie pan. Crimp the edges of the crust and prick bottom and sides with fork. (I use glass)

    Bake blind (with nothing in it) for 10 to 15 minutes at 400F - remove from oven cool

    Chop very fine 1/2 cup onion

    Cut into large dice about 6 large mushrooms so you end up with about 1 cup

    Saute in a pan with about 1/4 cup butter - salt geneously and pepper cover to let the juices seep out.

    Wash fresh green asparagus and cut the tips into 1 inch pieces, you will need about two bunches and end up with 1.5 to 2 cups asaragus tips.

    Take the top off the sauting mushrooms and onions they sould be nice and creamy brown. At the last minute add the asparagus and toss around gently.

    Pour the sauteed veges into the pie crust.

    Take 6 large eggs, 1/2 cup heavy cream, salt heavy on the black pepper, 2 tablespoons white wine (I like chablis) and whisk. Pour over the veg in the piecrust to just about cover add a layer of grated white cheese; Gruyer mixed with Swiss is the best but you can use Swiss or a combo of Swiss and Mozzerella cheese. Pour over remaining egg mixture top with layer of Mozzy chees. Bake about 350/ 325F for about an hour. Let stand for about 20 mins to set before eating.

    Source(s): I lived in France, my husband is French, I learned French cooking from his Mom and relatives.
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    The upside down apple tart is called Tarte Tatin, if that is what you are looking for.

    since you are going to have quiche as one course you might want to have something that is not a cake or pastry as the dessert. A nice French cheese platter with apples and pears would be a good choice.

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    Here a quick one, make Coq Au Vin (chicken stew), serve in a crusty mini french loaf. For the cake take a baking pan, spary with Pam, then take various fruits that you like, mix with brown sugar and butter, then mix up a yellow cake box mix, dump on top, bake as the directions say, then cool for 15 min, invert panon a platter, cool, remove pan, cke should be on the platter.

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    I suggest rack of lamb, haricots verts (french green beans), pomme gratine, french bread and for after dinner a cheese platter with bleu cheese, brie or boursin (serve cheese at room temp). Go to the liquor store and ask for them to recommend a good French table wine and tart tartin and creme brulee for desert.

    Bon Appetit!

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    All I know is they've got fries, toast, and those little mini pankcakes.

    Whatever you make, it will probably be skinny and smoke cigarettes.

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