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how can a skinny 14 year old kid get stronger?

How many push-ups daily?

How many Sit-Ups Daily?

How much should i Lift?

What food/drink should i eat/drink for breakfast? ( no egg yolk my mom wont let me)

What food/drink should i eat/drink for lunch?

What food/drink should i eat/drink for dinner?

What foods/drink should i eat/drink in between?

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    Morning: Wake up, eat spinach. Do 70 push-ups. If you can't, try as many as you can, and the next morning or night, you can try again.

    Breakfast: pancakes with frozen fruits on top.

    Noon: go to the local gym, and lift heavy weights about 80 times each hand. If you can't, then come again another day and make it a new goal.

    Lunch: Drink some Gatorade and eat something healthy and starchy with carbohydrates (maybe rice with chicken or something).

    Afternoon: Go jogging or running with your dog. When you pull on the leash of the dog, you're building muscles.

    Dinner: eat something with lots of protein... (maybe steak and a baked potato, eat the skin, the skin has vitamins)

    Night: Before you sleep, try either sitting-up or pushups, sit ups can strengthen your lungs and stomach, so you can sing better and run with more breath.

    I hope I helped!

    Oh, almost forgot. Don't drink a lot of sodas, and don't eat too much junk food. Those make you fat.

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    IF your doing this just to impress a girl then your doing it for the wrong reason. But that's simply up to you.if your going to do push ups then there is a way that you can earn more strengh in stead of doing the flat hand push up make a fist and with both fist's do the same thing you would do for a push up. It earns you more strengh but it's very tiring so start with 15 at a time and work from there.

    Sit-ups 20 daily will work until you can build enough strengh to do more but start out with 10 each cause if you start doing 20-30 right off then your going to hurt your self.

    wight's don't now how to help you there I don't use wight's so your on your own there I usely am picking up logs and heavy wood stuff like that.

    Breakfast apple's grapefruit Orange's and apple juice.

    Lunch !Meat sandwich Apple or salads and veggies.Milk

    dinner meat meat and more meat I don't do it myself but that's the best thing

    And water too.

    in between apple's veggies crackers

    Hope this helps

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    i do three hundread pushups everyday 150 at the morning 150 at the night.dont weight lift you could get eat anything fat kind or food .eat for morning cerala and milk.juice.dinner rice bean.juice and milk

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