model rocket recovery wadding??

is it ok to reuse the recovery wadding for more than one launch?? thnx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes you can! If it's scortched already you may need a litttle extra. The stuff is expensive. Less expensive single use alternatives are; Flame proofed party streamer material. Cellulose insulation from a building store. (1 bale is enough for a lifetime). Re-usable materials include; Nomex cloth and teflon tape pom-poms tied to the recovery gear with kevlar thread. Do a search on the subject at The Rocketry Forum

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  • Sandra
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    4 years ago

    YES!!! Without it your parachute will burn up! The flame -proof toilet paper is the BEST, and it is cheap. Household alternatives are Steel Wool (make sure it is STEEL, not plastic), and new, fresh lettuce leaves. Due to the nature of these produce, you need MORE of them than you do wadding. DON'T SKIMP on the wadding, or your parachute will burn up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    YES, so long as the wadding is in good shape.

    I seldom NEED wadding as mine go BOOM on impact! (Designed that way.)

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