Science engineering major?

i really like the experimentaion part of science but im not a big fan of math involved.i know math is important but ive been told that in science and engineering math isnt everything its creativity that counts alot ( to think of new things ect). for instance, in chemistry, i really enjoy the experiments we do and i think im pretty good at doing them but when we do the balancing eqations and things like that it takes a bit more work to understand them. ive been told that after doing alot of math you become better but am i going over my head? is this a good choice for me??

im also very good at writing, just not at analysis of literature! haha


when i mean having trouble with math i mean stuff like pre cal not algebra! :)

i do get it eventually but i need to work at it a little more than others. i do get good grades in math but its becuause i work my butt of usually and im a little slow at it.

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  • eri
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    1 decade ago
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    Sorry to break it to you, but most science - physics, astronomy, geology, chemistry, biology, engineering - will require at least two semesters of calculus, if not much more. If you're having trouble with algebra, you might want to reconsider a science major, or look into psycology instead - I don't think they require as much math, but probably statistics.

    Also, being able to write as a scientist is very important, but so are reading comprehension and analysis tools for understanding published articles.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi! Maths are extremely important for scientists... Maths provide the tools for scientists! Actually, a good scientist should have a solid math background in order to be able to solve difficult problems in his area of study. You will have big difficulties if you major in a hard science like physics, while biology and chemistry can be somewhat easier... I think that an engineering major should require less math classes than a pure-physics one. Whatever you choose, if you are determined and you put a lot of effort into it, you can do it!

    Source(s): I am a senior physics student.
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