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Do you know how to stretch frame on canvas?

Is it easy. I bought this heavy material and I want to make it a art piece by somehow stapling it to canvas or stretching it. It will cost a lot to have peofessionally done. Do you know how?

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    When I was younger I was shown how to do it. It wasn't too difficult. Once you have a frame, make sure you have enough canvas on all sides. Staple with a staple gun one side once in the middle. Then go to the opposite side bring it up tight and staple the other side once. Move to the left or right side and repeat the same, bringing it up tight each time.

    Now that you have four staples in your frame with canvas attached, repeat the process bringing the staples further out from the center staple.

    Once you get to the corner, make a package type fold and staple once. for each corner. Trim only after things are good and secure.

    NOTE: There is a special coating to place on canvas that you can get at the art store. Which is suppose to be used afterwords for either to make the canvas palatable to paint or help with the stretching, I'm not sure. but it is like a white wash.

    hope this helps.

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    You will need a stretcher:

    Step by step directions to stretch, with pictures:

    I cannot insert the pictures:

    Attach canvas in the center of each side. work into the corners pulling the canvas taught with canvas pliers.

    To reduce canvas bulk in the corners, first fold asin photo and secure with staple.

    Do second fold as shown and secure.

    Trimm off excess canvas and secure protective back panel if required

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