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simpsons v real life?

this is a funny question and unique lol

do you know anyone that looks like a person from tne simpsons

i think quentin wilson from x top gear looks like mr burns

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    It's funny you bring this up because some co-workers and I were discussing should they make the Simpsons live action like they already done with many comic book characters.

    And my arguement was abso-f*cking-lutely NOT!

    The reason, there are some things that the cartoon can get away with that if you were to do it live action would just come off looking REALLY really stupid and ridiculous.

    That's why the Incredibles gets a lot of props from me because they decided to go full CGI instead of doing like those horrible X-Men movies and others that try and fail miserably to bring these characters to life.

    Keep them animated.

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    i seriously believe my family takes after the simpsons. i mean, my dad burps, eat, sleeps, and sits on the couch watching tv, my mom is the soft spoken christian goody-two shoe lady, i'm the nerdy know it all, and my parent's son is the rebel. we just don't have a baby that doesn't talk and a cat.

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    Real life wins.

    18 NOV 06, 2352 hrs, GMT.

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    No i don`t. That is one weird question though very unique.

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