Anyone of you guys ever fished Fort De Soto Park in Florida or Treasure Island also in Florida?

Wondering what kind of fish you can catch in these places surf or pier fishing in May.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Just came back, You can catch sea trout( look for the long underwater grass and throw out a live shrimp) snook, black drum, sheeps head, redfish, the list goes on. Jack are fun as well as ladyfish. If ur lucky u might get a tarpon!

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    4 years ago

    I am not a proffessional fisherman. But I love to fish and I own a timeshare on Treasure Island. Early June every year, I go there & I fish EVERYDAY. There re so many choices. I fish for fun. I dont care what I catch. Every year I go down to the beach about sunset with my fishing pole, extra leaders and squid and every year I catch something. I've caught to many sting rays to count, about 50 sand sharks, a couple of hammerhead sharks (these are small, but fun to reel in). I have caught some as long as 2 feet. Also, catfish, whiting, and a bunch of fish I cant identify. I also fish at Pass-a-Grill, John's Pass, Fort Desoto (pier) and the Skyway. I like the skyway because you can park right where you fish and that saves dragging all the fishing stuff around.

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