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Im going on a cruise for 7 days what should i bring?

Ok im in highschool so i dont really like to pack and im going on a cruise to go to the bahamas,and we are taking the ship right out of New york so its going to be kinda cold the first 2 days but, I reallllly need help!

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    Well I'd pack the basics... toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, soap, deoderant, shaving stuff, comb, and whateve rhair stuff you use, and undergarments. The other stuff youll need are a jacket (NY is a bit cold) and some jeans. For the Bahamas I'm figuring it's warm so bring a couple of bathing suits or one, sun tan lotion, sunglasses, towel, tank tops, shorts. I don't know your daily routine but what I usually do is go over in my head what I do. Then when I come to something I might need to jot it down on my list. Here's an example.. I wake up and brush my teeth. Now what do you use that I should bring on a cruise? Then I go make my lunch and breakfast... ok nothing to pack for the cruise... and etc etc. Just follow your day and see if you reall yneed it when you pack.

    Ipod, digital camera, charger for digital camera, cell phone... charger. make sure they are all charged before the cruise.

    Oh and bring food because you might get the munchies!

    OH yeah!! you need a wallet and passport and all your id stuff.

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    deliver a e book or magazine, 2 swimsuits(if conceivable), one million-2 dress up outfits(for formal nights). %. some extra socks and underthings as they'd get moist in any different case you would be able to alter extra beneficial than as quickly as an afternoon. do now not forget approximately $$ you will want spending and merely approximately everywhere is a $2-$5 taxi in case your now not on an day holiday. whilst you're leaving somebody significant at homestead it ought to be a reliable thought to get a first rate calling card. A hat of a few style is mandatory sunlight hues are recommended and be certain you deliver sunblock and aloe lotion. a minimum of one individual on your occasion desires an eye fixed i won't be in a position to rigidity that adequate. Cruises are the main suitable so have relaxing.

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    one hint it is always cold at sea at night always no matter where you are concrete holds heat water does,nt

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