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how to buy or sell stocks online?

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    step 1. have access to a computer

    step 2. have access to the internet.

    Since you have posted this question, I assume steps 1 and 2 have already been accomplished.

    step 3. choose an online broker (this is the most difficult of all the steps because there are a half dozen or more choose from.)

    I believe Money Magazine recently rated on line brokers.

    step 4. fill out an application. This normally takes about 10 minutes on line.

    step 5. send them a check to fund your account or transfer an account from another broker.

    step 6. enter your buy or sell order. If it is a market order, you should get a confirmation in about 15 seconds.

    That's it.

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    Sign up for an account at an online brokerage and start buying and selling.

    I use Foliofn. Windows trades are $3.50 and $1.50 if you auto-invest. Make four trades per quarter to avoid paying the $12.00 inactivity fee.

    It's a great place for the individual investor to get started with small amounts.


    Best wishes,


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