My husband got a vasectomy almost 6 years ago. What is the success rate of a reversal?

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  • Velken
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    1 decade ago
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    It depends on which doctor you use and their personal records, as well as your husband's vas they are trying to reconnect. If you are both serious about it, he needs to check with his doctor for a referral. You can ask that uruologist ya'll are referred to about his sucess rates. I did alot of online research before my husband had his. I know there are some doctors out there that guarantee reconnection sucess or they'll redo the surgery. I saw one doctor (in FL I think) that had a 97% sucess rate. So it really depends on where you are, if you want to travel, and who ya'll prefer for the surgery. One of the big things to check is how often they do the surgery. The best situation is someone that does it weekly, so they are more practiced at the surgery. The more they do it, the better your chance of a high sucess rate. If he does it, tell him to expect tenderness for about a month afterwards. Its not too bad, but he'll need to take it easy for awhile.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I did a google search on the words "Vasectomy: Reversal success rate?" and got many hits. Tons of info out there.

    I picked one of the hits that seemed like it might be especiallly informative (link included in sources below) and learned that for people who had a vasectomy up to 13 years ago, 97% were successful in reversal. For others who had a vasectomy for up to 33 years ago, 93% were successful in reversal. Also 50 percent of those who provided information about subsequent pregnancy, claimed that the pregnancy occured within a year (some within a month) after the reversal.

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  • 4 years ago

    I were doing somewhat study and characteristic got here across that it honestly relies upon on how lengthy it is been because the vasectomy replaced into preformed on how probable you're to conceive. The longer the time the a lot less probable. yet that is to the right for you, we are searching into different ideas right here because it is been over 8 years when you consider that my husband had his executed.

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