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were can I buy a DIGITAL SET TOP BOX? Or do I need to wait for 2009?

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    Visit www.starhub.com and most of us are using digital set-up box now in Singapore.

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  • gp4rts
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    They are called digital tuners; there used to be many availble, but many have gone away as almost all new TVs are required to have built-in digital tuners. You don't need to wait until 2009, but I expect that around that time there will be a lot of low-cost tuners availble as people need to adapt their old TVs to digital broadcast. You can get more information here http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-7608_7-1016109-3.html

    Also, you might check e-bay for digital tuners such as RCA DTC-100 or similar units made by Samsung and Zenith. Many people who have bought new sets are selling their old tuners.

    If you get a tuner now, you can watch digital TV (even if it's not HDTV) with an improved picture.

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