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In Final Fantasy X is there a cheat available that allows me to increase/gain AP & Spheres faster than usual?

General gameplay anf battles help. Looking around, I've found various sites with some information but most don't cover spheres. Any help?

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    It's possible to customize weapons with Double and Triple AP abilities, or the Overdrive > AP ability, which converts your Overdrive meter into AP.

    Double AP: 20 Megalixers Required

    Triple AP: 50 Wings of Discovery Required

    Overdrive > AP: 10 Doors of Tomorrow Required

    If your Overdrive mode is set to Warrior, Slayer, Victor or Hero, your potential of earning AP is higher.

    If you've completed the Cactuar side quest, the Cactuar Village is a good place to go... you'll see a lot of Sand Worms (2000 AP) and Cactuars (8000 AP). If you were to come across a group of three Cactuars, that would be a minimum of 24000 AP for one battle... and if you have the weapon abilities, that could be doubled or tripled!

    As for spheres, get a few Power/Mana/Speed/Ability Distillers each. Unlock Kottos in the Monster Arena. At the beginning of the battle, use the Distiller of the Sphere you'd like to obtain. If you defeat Kottos, it should give you 20 for a regular kill, and 40 for an Overkill.

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    Spheres can be gained faster if you kill an enemy with overkill. Ap, the only thing that I know is the ability double Ap that you can put on a weapon. I think there might be even a triple AP ability. I used the double Ap and I gained AP levels so fast in the omega ruins it wasn't even funny. If you aren't terribly far then I am not sure of any code that could assist you into getting Ap faster.

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