the new ipod nano or the old one??

my brother is hesitating between buying one of the new ipod nanos (the one in every color) or an old one (the one in black or white)... knowing that the colors available in the new ipod nanos don't interest him (he wants a black one), what are the advantages and the disadvantages of the old one or the new one to help us ut please???


old one:


new one:

-longer battery life

and which one would you chose right now if you had the choice??

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    Right, the new 4gb ones are in brighter colors, BUT there's also a new 8gb black ipod nano... only of course it costs more than the new 4gb ones.

    And I just got a new blue ipod nano but I'm a girl, I dunno if it looks good on a guy...

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  • galaz
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    4 years ago

    second era second era iPod NanoOn September c51ce410c124a1edb5e4b97fc2af392, 2006, Apple up as a lot as now the nano line. the present "second era" nano powerful aspects scratch-resistant, brushed aluminum casing in a throwback to the quicker iPod mini's styling. the colour concepts, featuring 5 colorations (silver, blue, eco-friendly, red and black), reflect that of the mini as authentic. The second era nano powerful aspects "a brighter, better vivid educate"[c51ce410c124a1edb5e4b97fc2af39c5... a battery life develop (from c51ce410c124a1edb5e4b97fc2af394 to 24 hours), and doubled storage concepts with the present 2, 4, and eight-gigabyte fashions (even as in evaluation with the previous one, 2, and four-gigabyte fashions). the present iPod nanos also help gapless playback of audio suggestion, a sparkling search for selection, and a 40% brighter educate. a relief in pricing replaced into made, with the get proper of get proper of entry to to point 2-gigabyte variety priced at $c51ce410c124a1edb5e4b97fc2af3949. besides the actual shown actuality that, the truth that at $249 the 8-gigabyte nano variety is the similar fee through actuality the thirty-gigabyte complete-length iPod looks to bypass hostile to instinct.

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  • 1 decade ago

    new 1

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  • 1 decade ago

    the newer one has a much longer battery time. the old one used to be form 6-8 hours , and this one is 24 hours. also the screen is much brighter. i had the old one and then i got the new one and it is much better. i would get the new one if i was you.

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