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How would i create a site like

I want to make a site like for free and i don't know how! i was gonna call it but i need help! can someone help me?

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    Hmmm... I can't see anything "difficult" in that website.

    But that's maybe because Im a web developer! so I assume you're not too involved with web development.

    That site is just a mixture of image files (jpeg's, gif's), plus some nice CSS coding and DHTML one too if Im not wrong.

    If you use Dreamweaver, you can find a CSS editor in there, but it's not as easy as everyone thinks. I recommend you to find some nice tutorials of CSS, you can find lots of them in the web. Notice: CSS is coding, so if you dont get anything at all... just copy the scripts and code they show you, see the result, and then try to understand it, in that way , little by little, youll get the idea of how this site was built.

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