Why can't I sign in to messenger? I used last night and then couldn't after that?

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  • Lisa M
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    1 decade ago
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    There might be number of reasons for your problems and questions like this requires really trouble shooting (communication) – asking and answering number of questions. It probably would be much easier and faster if you could talk with someone directly (instead of making posts on boards) .To do so how’s about trying asking for help in Yahoo Chat Help:1 room (Computer & Internet)?

    Since your Messenger doesn’t work download and install YahElite in order to be able to go to chat room. YahElite is believed to be less corruption prone, resources hungry, much better for limited recourses or afflicted systems. It is possible to log both YahElite and Messenger same time using two different names. In order for it to work make sure it is allowed in firewall settings and you use name which works.


    Yahoo answers have serious limit on number of characters which can be used in comments making conversation quite difficult. Your problems don’t sounds as something very difficult to solve – it just that solving require number of additional information.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When that happens to me, I sign into Yahoo mail and try again. It almost always works.

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