Public Stocks instead of ASBO's?

I heard someone make a comment the other day on the great mind numbing device called television. They suggested that young people who have been given ASBO's are treating them like a badge of honour. So what other waste of time will they bring in next to try restoring order?

Here is my idea. How about bringing back the public stocks as punishment instead of an ASBO? The thought of public ridicule would make a lot of people think more about their actions, without a doubt.

The stocks could also be used for other petty crimes that would not normally warrant an ASBO, but would incur a fine.

Instead of having rotten tomatoes thrown at them (this should not be allowed), the villains would be put in a very visible place in the town, with a placard displaying their offence.

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  • Franky
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    1 decade ago
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    I think that would be fantastic idea. Anyone guilty of unsocial behavior,minor crimes it would certainly make them think before breaking the law.Just imagine the uproar this would cause ,(ITS against their Human rights)

    Never about the rights of law abiding citizens.

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  • 4 years ago

    i won't be able to help yet think of that this is amazingly a solid thought; no longer by way of fact i think of that revenge is a sturdy component, or maybe the vigilante mentality. it particularly is in simple terms that once i grew to become into in college, a extreme misdemeanour grew to become into rewarded with a pointy slap, which did no longer precisely reason everlasting actual scarring or lasting psychological trauma. study this to the recommendations, of police action, interviews, court docket techniques, call and shame, criminal record and so on and so on. a great form of youths is stupid, selfish and badly behaved, and putting them on public desplay and mocking them, might probable be far extra helpful than the drawn-out techniques we now see. it would additionally be kinder, by way of fact the project ought to be dealt with at as quickly as and then forgotten. can we get to throw rotting eggs and vegetables? What exciting!

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