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I used to work for a UK charity and left * - how do I complain about them so they can't misuse public funds?!

*I left due to the amount of mismanagement and nastiness from managers; 2 others were fired again because the main manager can't work with people who want to work with integrity and complain when asked to run projects in a dodgy manner. I'd like to know which bodies we should complain to; there is EU and other local group funding involved and a political connection to the charity plus a pile of complaints are now beginning to arrive from people who we were supposed to be helping.

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    Tell a local news paper to do a story. That should spin others into action of resolving the problem.

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    go on line and find out who is in charge of the Charity, and write to him/her, or in American we would complain to the Better Business Bureau there must be something in the UK in Government that you can complain to.

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    I agree with the newspaper they shold help if u report it .

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