Beaudreaux,Thibodeaux and Clateaha were riding in a boat swamp. All of the sudden they hit a stump and Clateaha fell out. She couldn't swim. Nobody could save her.

For a week Thibodeaux searched for Beaudreaux's wife.

On the the seventh day Thibodeaux came in and told him "I've got good news and I got bad news." He then asked "Which do you want to hear first?"

Beaudreaux said "the the bad news."

Thibodeaux said "Well we found Clateaha's body?"

Beaudreaux says "Well then what is the good news?"

Thibodeaux says "you should see the blue crab on her,..we're gonna run her again tomorrow!!!"

Beaudreaux grabs his hat and hollers "hang on I'ma comin with ya!!"

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  • ed
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    1 decade ago
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    Good one.

    One deserves another.

    Using your names.

    Clateaha went up to Thibodeaux.

    "You tole my hus'bin, Beaudreaux, he's a sonomonbitch?"

    "Nahhhh! I dunno how he fine dat out."

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sad joke! Punchline doesn't even make alot of sense. Maybe it should have read; "...we're gonna use her for bait again tomorrow!!!!"

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bit Crude and gross but funny !!!

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