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Why is it impossible to add a new site to (the open directory project) ?

I have tried for around a month to add my website to the open directory project, using the correct methods, from the correct areas of the directory. However, I always get an error...saying come back in a few days. This has been going on for several weeks! Does anyone know why this is, or if I'll be able to add my site in the future?

My site is and the error page I always get is I want to submit to the shopping/ethnic and regional/european/russian area, but have also tried other areas with no success.

Any help / information would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Taking everything you said into consideration something is obviously wrong with their site. What I would do if I was you and really wanted to get my site listed there follow their instructions on becoming a editor then you can put your site there yourself.

    Join the Open Directory Project

    Find a category that you would like to maintain.

    Follow the Become an Editor link at the top of the category page.

    Note that some categories do not have a Become an Editor link; you should find a more specific category which interests you, and apply there. Once you have joined, and gained some experience, you can apply for more general categories.

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