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What can anyone tell me about the Gothic time period?

I know it was a depressing time period and black was the main color. I'm just curious.


Just the gothic history time period and symbolism in general. The people, lifestyle, etc.

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    There was no real "gothic period" in history, except where art and architecture is concerned. And they had nothing to do with depression, or modern goths. In architecture, gothic buildings were heavily embellished and ornate, with the development of stained glass in cathedrals(Notre Dame cathedral is in the Gothic style). Gothic art was also stylized, and often concerned with religious images. This period is thought to have spanned the 12-15th centuries CE.

    The art/architecture was called gothic because some perceived as ugly and barbaric. The Goths/Visigoths were barbarian tribes who helped bring about the end of the Roman Empir.

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    Ultimately, that which is described as Gothic is from Medieval Europe. The original Goths were a Germanic tribe that gave the Roman Empire a lot of difficulty in the 3rd Century. Around the same time, another bunch of Goths were settling across Europe, spreading their crude, angular writing styles and pagan beliefs. This same period in history is also known as the Dark Ages, but Gothic architecture is often light and inspiring.

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    On the contrary, it was a colourful time! According to some sources, it started around 1100 and ended about 1300; others say it lasted until about 1500. One of the high points of international Gothic painting is the Duc de Berry's Book of Hours, or Tres Riches Heures (about 1410/13). The colours are jewel-like, and you can see what people wore in those days and how they lived:

    Cathedrals, particularly, were built to rise up to the heavens, and the style of architecture was one of lightness as opposed to the former heavier Romanesque style.

    Gothic period timeline, arts and events:

    Medieval Times:

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    what do u wanna know abt??

    gothic art, gothic architecture, gothic lettering, gothic armour, gothic novel, gothic revival (architecture)

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    the Gothic language was spoken during this period. it is now extinct.

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