can anyone tell me where I could find out how to find the value of American coins and dollars?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most of the sites are trying to sell something. The ones that have up to date prices, you have to pay for them. You kind of need a price guide and if you know little of coins, a quick grading guide, that also will tell you where the mint marks are. The Red Book comes out each year, but the prices are just not valid. They are supposed to be a retail but are usually not even close. It is a great guide, for a quick guide to grading the different type of coins and where the mint marks are. It also has mintage figures and a wealth of info. For pricing just get a coin magazine like Coins or Coinage. They come out once a month and will give you a better idea of price. Expect to get less if you sell coins to a dealer around 40% or so. As to old books, yes it is best to keep away from them if they are price guides, but if they are variety guides they may be the only ones available. I collect Cash coins from the Orient and most books on the subject are old and out of print. One good thing a few new ones have finally showed up. If a person asks a question here on just a few coins or paper money, I usually can get a price with what books, I have. Hope this helps. Also try It will be helpful

    Source(s): 46 years a numismatist.
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  • I use newly bought books from a book store, but online sites are also helpful. The worst thing you can use is old coin books.

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