Years ago, I remember reading of some monks, (in England or Italy, I don't remember who observed an "explosion

on the Moon". I think it was in the late 13th century.

Since this is report is definately an impossibility, (since Gallileo's telescope was yet a century hence), I attribute this viewing to too much Passover? wine or some kind of concocted conspiracy.

Has anyone else heard of this story??

I think this may be when the term "hoax" was coined....


mailrick, was this the begining of "telescopic vision"?

Update 2:

Mailrick1--I guess I still follow the "too much wine" theory...unless you're superman.

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    Canterbury - 1178 AD Depending on the size of the explosion, you wouldn't necessarily need a telescope to see an event on the moon.

    Also -

    In the above story, the guy used a telescope and a camera to photograph a possible explosion - which is still being debated.

    An observed moon "explosion" is very plausible, yet so is the wine! While sampling some wines - for science purposes ONLY! - I think I may have observed a few "moon explosions" myself............LOL!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's possible that they saw a meteor strike on the moon. A meteor travelling fast enough would create an explosion upon impact (the energy of momentum and mass would be converted to heat at the moment of collision).

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  • 1 decade ago

    Some monks have the capability of leaving their bodies, science knows this, but they won't support it.

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