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Do you think that disposing of trash by dumping it in the ocean or burying it can go on forever?

Do we need to take recycling more seriously?

We dump in the ocean, then take food from there, does this make sense?


A vision:

Sustainability will work forever.

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    I think we need to look more at how we buy our items.

    Who is out there buying all these blister packs? Why can't store goods be on a shelf as just the good, or a liquid in a recyclable glass jar. This is not a consumer recycling issue. It is a distribution chain issue.

    I work in manufacturing. We get good delivered to us with as little packing as possible. We then sort plastic, thin foam and cardboard for recycling. We do not do this because we love the enviroment. . .It is cheaper to find a creative way to not package an item, but get it to the process without damage.

    WalMart and all of the box stores are demanding how product comes packaged so they can be hung. Blister packs are designed to appeal to you the buyer. Since, we are not actively choosing non-blister pack items, the cycle goes on. Blister packing is an example.

    At Christmas, think about how that Barbie would have looked in a plain brown paper bag with the accesories just thrown in. That works and just one staple and a small bag to toss. Now get radical and think how it would look to have NO plastic crap toys under the tree. Yea, the kids would cry one year, but they would learn to love the new way of life just as well.

    Last radical thought. . .When was the last time you brought a bag or crate container to the store to shop? How come singles cost less than a pack, but there is an additional box to throw away? Why does cereal need a bag and a box? Why do drinks come in packaging instead of refilling our personal use containers? Why do we use Kleenex, paper towels, napkins and the Japanese use cloth towels and a "washlet" toilet?

    Just a thing or 2 to think about.

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    Recycling is a must. Our world is slowly dying. For thousand of years humankind have constantly taking everything from the earth and give nothing back. if we continued with this disastrous path, one day we kill ourselves. The ocean can't even handle our rapid fishing industry, it said that in another 50years we will literally have no more fish in the ocean. Do somehting and Fast

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    Great point! We need good questions like this to raise environmental awareness. of course it can not go on forever. The shortsightedness of our leaders is taking us to the point of no return in saving this planet. Keep on speaking up!

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    sure don't!

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