william shakespeare's works as plagiarism?

can u send me links saying something about Shakespeare as a plagiarist??thnx!

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    I'm sick to death of people wanting to stick the boot in to the world's greatest ever poet and dramatist.

    Yes, he used themes for his plays that had been used before, as many writers before and since have done and will continue to do so.

    Why can't people just accept that a middle class lad from Warwickshire was capable of writing such magnificent verse - it doesn't have to be have been written by someone from the elite classes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well Shakespeare, like many other playwrights of his time, used recycled plays, histories, etc. Most of Shakespeare's plays plot lines are not Will's own imagination. However, at the time this was not considered plagiarism. It was considered a natural way of writing. Also, we must remember, that Shakespeare's plays were not held in high regard until after his death in 1616. If we look at his equivalent in showbiz today, he might be considered on a par with writers for t.v. soap operas. It was a living.

    Because the play was considered to be mostly an entertainment form, rather than literature, the copy of the play had a fairly short "shelf life." So it was often sold to printers for a little extra cash, and if mistakes appeared in printed edition nobody cared because the playwright, or the theatre owner (in Shakespeare's case both, as well as being an actor) already had his money. Sometime changes were made, but often they were not.

    If you wish to research other claimants to Shakespeare, Marlowe, Bacon Edward Devere, etc., read a wonderful book by Samuel Schoenbaum's, "Shakespeare's Lives." It's available on Amazon.com for about $3.00. But to be fair to the non-stratfordians, a web site is given below.

    I once gave college-level lecture on the other claimants to Shakespeare. When the students found out that I believed Shakespeare actually wrote Shakespeare (gasp!!) they were pretty ticked off. As a group, anti-stratfordians are pretty protective of their beliefs as Scientologists are in theirs. Oh no. Does this mean Tom Cruise will be suing me any time soon? But I can prove that I wrote Shakespeare using some of their methods. And I have. And they are still not convinced.

    Enjoy the debate. It's lots of fun. Unless you start to belief in it too much.



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    a million. This one is authentic. He does not exist. Shakespeare's thoughts were written through some different person. possibly utilizing this call as a pen call. 2. not constructive about this, fantastically if he does not exist. 3.Yeah, commonly. 4.confer with the first theory. 5.*** i imagine Shakespeare both does not exist or he only took some different person's works!

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  • 1 decade ago

    A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet!

    What does it matter what the name of the person responsible for the work is? It remains the finest work of the known world.

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  • 1 decade ago

    look up othello, that is a massive rip of of an old story.

    its also thought that he stole a few things off of christopher marlow.

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