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Acupuncture for carpel tunnel?

I am a very strong believer in natural medicine. My mother has recently developed carpel tunnel from her job, so she pretty much cant stop what she is doing. It's only in one hand and aparently it's pretty bad. I keep telling her to get acupuncture becuase frankly I think it would probably work. Has anyone had this for carpel tunnel or know if it would work well? I would really hate if she had to resort to the surgery.

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    I have dequervian's tendonitis, which is similar to carpal tunnel, but in a different spot on the wrist. Acupuncture does work for some people. It is non-evasive and temporary, for those it does work for, so expect several trips each time the pain flares up.

    I had a surgery done to permanently remove the pain. If your mom should chose this route, make sure she is actively involved in "scar management" and requests occupational physical therapy for the best and speediest recovery. Immediately after the surgery, although sore from the procedure, the pain from the tendons was gone.

    Acupuncture results will definitely vary from person to person. I had tried it for some other things to no success.

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    I honestly don't have a lot of experience with acupuncture, but I know of many people that it has worked for.

    I'm a massage therapist, and I work almost primarily with people who have chronic pain and injuries. Chiropractic and Massage are also very effective and can produce long term affects.

    The nerves that go into your arm/elbow/wrist travel across the top of the shoulders, and on either side of the elbow. When these muscles and tendons have extreme tension it can clamp down and aggravate and irritate the nerves. That is why you get the numbing, tingling, buzzing sensation.

    Massage increases circulation and relaxes the muscles and tendons, and if done properly can make a permanate difference. There are also various stretches that she can do every day to keep those area flexible.

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    Combine acupuncture and Homeopathy for a better result. Change position of your mother arms if she is working at a computer. Raising and lowering or the chair: moving to the right and left will change the tension points in the arm, Tell her to learn to use the other hand. Message will also help.

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    acupuncture works for everything....

    i have never know for it to fail..just keep open is all about how you think!

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