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Which enlightenment has been most USEFUL to humanity,and why?

no need for long,windy answers-just useful links,or short simple answers.



Okay i got the question wrong but can't seem to edit it (!$@ yahoo answers!)-its Which enightenment IDEA has been most useful to humanity,and why?


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    I think humanitarianism

    Once we realized that all those indigenous heathens were wallowing in filth and evil, it was a great turn for humanity that we allowed them to accept Jesus and capitalism.

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  • Hy
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    Surely there is no single idea which has been more "useful" than others -- I guess there's no way to measure the usefulness of an idea. And does "enlightenment" here refer to the particular period called (rather strangely, in my opinion!) The Enlightenment? If so, I dip out here, because I don't know which ideas particularly emanate from it. If not ...

    a glib answer would be "the invention of the wheel" -- very useful. Another, more recent, possibility is the digital computer. What do you think? That's more important than someone else's answer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    determinism as of now

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