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Painful bumps on my body?

During this passed summer I noticed a bump on my face that looked like a pimple, but when I touched it it was very painful. It eventually went away and a week later I noticed one of my neck. It also hurt to touch it, but then it went away. Then a few days ago I noticed one on my chest area. Does anyone have an idea of what these bumps are and why they hurt to touch them. Just to add I don't have any STD's.

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    they are called boils they are kind of like pimples but a little larger in some areas, apparently your allergic to some kind of mold,

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  • nelems
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    i'll't be particular notwithstanding it sounds like bites from mattress insects.They bite at be conscious and in the starting up it is going to itch and burn .they're painful after the 2d day the welt looks extra swollen then looks to ease up leaving what sounds like a bite with a small hollow interior the middle. examine your mattress around the perimeters seek for darkish spots or rusty searching marks . Ask others in case you stay in an condominium construction in the adventure that they are getting any peculiar rashes ect. look less than YOUR mattress AND field SPRING, major. Even e.r. medical doctors can no longer tell what it really is ,yet mattress insects are on the upward push. they're extra tremendous interior the MORNING ,THE ITCH IS severe.. examine YOUR BEDDING AND mattress AT NI TE AFTER GOING TO mattress carry A FLASH mild , THEN examine your entire mattress you are able to seek for extra records and p.c... of the insects and bites. try anti itch lotions and that i wish you the finest of success

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    # Abscess

    # Acne

    # Boil

    # Cyst

    # Cysticercosis

    # Eczema

    # Heat rash

    # Lymphoma

    # Melanoma

    # Skin Cancer

    # Sun spots

    # Warts

    those are some basic skin rashes, Id check on a boil, cyst, or eczema.

    change in the following :

    # Side effects of prescription drugs

    # Side effects of herbs, foods, natural remedies, toxins, substances, etc.

    # Drug interactions

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    They could be blind spots, they look like pimples but don't seem to have a head on them. They hurt a lot, but don't squeeze them because it just makes them bigger. They just go on their own.

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    It could be shingles. See your doctor.

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    some kind of insect bite ? you may have reacted to it strangely

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