What is the scope in Animation field? Also I want to know about the books for deep in 3d animation?

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    1 decade ago
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    I suppose you mean what careers??? when you say scope. It is a very competitive field to get a job in. Animation is done in advertising, entertainment, games, architecture, engineering and others. There are specialties such as those that are good at making a 3D mesh models, those that are good at make up a scene, etc.

    As far as books, pick your software. A lot of software packages that animate have come and gone. 3DS Max hangs around because it is the cousin to AutoCAD. The company recently bought out Maya.

    3D software has buttons inside of buttons. It has menus inside of menus. You have to have a lot of experience or one can lose a whole lot of work.

    Finally, what we're seeing is the infancy of animation software. It keeps getting easier to use, more powerful, more commonplace and cheaper. Only recently has computer hardware become cheap enough that special computers are not needed.

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  • 4 years ago

    Professional 3D Animation Software - http://3dAnimationCartoons.com/?GXNu

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