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Are Emmit Smith Sports Cards worth anything if so Name Them PLease?



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    of course emmitt smith cards are worth money. it depends on what kind of cards you have of his though. rookie and autographed cards would be the most valuable, and massive production cards wouldn't be worth as much, but since it is emmitt smith, they are still worth something. if you don't know, emmitt is the nfl's all time rushing leader in yards and in touchdowns, so just him being that makes his cards valuable. and if you hold on to cards of his for more years, they will become more valuable because they will gradually become rarer and rarer as the years pass.

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    I don't think that because Emmit Smith won "Dancing With the Stars", it's going to increase the value of his football card.

    I'm not sure what you meant by "Name Them PLease". Name what?

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