Can somebody help me with my first major extemporaneous or impromptu speaking contest?

I was chosen as the school's representative to the Rotary Club of Borongan's Extemporaneous Speaking Contest on Nov. 24 at our Provincial Captiol's lobby. How can I maximize the 5 min. time limit? The said contest will base the questions on each of the following topics: Environment, Peace and Order, Employment, Migration, Education, Economy, Health and Government and Governance. Please help me with the topics especially on environment, health, migration and peace and order. Please give tips to help me give a big impact on the contest, Thank you very much and good day!


Thank you for the rude answer tracy! You are only for the additional 2 points. Bless you for being arrogant!

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    Good day and CONGRATS!! Thats great that you were chosen, and it speaks volumes of your intelligence that you were the one chosen.

    That being said, I would start by researching the hottest issues involved in each of these topics. For instance, a growing issue in all of todays world is that of Obesity (with regards to your Health subject.) What is intriguing about obesity is the fact that employment, economy and education typically affects this - people that are poor, live in inner cities and are uneducated tend to eat poorly, or simply dont have the access to healthy foods, thus becoming obese...

    Global warming is impacting the environment, and is a hot button issue because many beleive that it doesnt exist (global warming - not the environment!) I read yesterday of a scientific theory that perhaps spewing more pollutants into the atmosphere might be a way to create a shade effect and reduce the overall temperature of the earth - sounds like a terrible plan, doesnt it? Perhaps research that...

    Speaking of peace and order, as well as migration, are more personal to you due to your location. Immigration of ilegal Mexicans is HUGE in America, but not so much so in the Phillippines... Im uncertain of migration issues or peace issues over there. Im aware that your homeland is close to Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world - and we all know how peaceful those Muslims can be..... (sarcasm) Perhaps research about religion and peace - or lack thereof. I wish I could help you more on the those topics.

    Dress neatly, but not too colorfully. Take a deep breath before you begin speaking, and remember - everyone is as nervous as you will be! Speak clearly, maintain eye contact with your audience.

    Best of luck!! You will represent your school and yourself in an exemplary fashion!!!

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    You must be having the potential for giving intelligent answers. That's why you have been chosen the school's representative in the contest.

    To get up and speak on the spur of the moment, you have to have a sound knowledge of the subject.

    I suggest you enter a search command on each of the subjects you have listed and focus on those which you like best. You may get more search results on some than on others.

    Select the most popular ones, "hot topics" like Environment, Education, Employment and Health. I have selected only four of the ones you mentioned but you can change them.

    On some topics you must have an edge on others. You cannot be more knowledgeable on all of them. You can score much higher points if you study your favorite subjects in depth.

    On other subjects, you can get a good average score. That should see you through..

    There is no pat formula for success in extempore speeches. You have to prepare hard and hold your nerve when you get up and speak in a gathering.

    The key to your success is to speak from factual knowledge of current problems and policies.

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    no, vip to get a joke in, maybe a couple. They'll crack up and be sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next one. the way to the top in the good old boys club is having the best jokes

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    Let me think about this for a minute....

    The first thing I can think of is to wear a really nice suit..

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