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Playboys are basically insecure characters. What do you think?

I am referring to my own friend since High School. Now, this boy always claimed to have an intuitive understanding of women. While we were the ones who would sweat at our palms before approaching a new hot chick at prom nites and parties, this one would not only get their phone numbers and stuff, but actually could converse for "hours" at end with them and did manage to club an invitation to their homes. And what happened beyond, he would come and brag to us: of course, a part of that would be true.

Ever since, he hasn't changed at all. Now that we all are in our mid 20's and still looking for girlfriends, this person has a garland of beautiful women wound up all around. All that comes with a catch: he has no career of his own, and is always in debt and gets irritable at the slightest provocation. I don't think he "actually" enjoys sex with the women he lays with his manipulations: he only likes his "image" more than what his true self is. Sometimes, he can be soppy.

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    even "good boys" do get a character of being insecure.

    well, maybe ur friend there just got the angst !

    maybe he's got mistakes, but somehow smewhere this friend of yours got a really good time with the girls, and even if he wasn't really happy as u may think, he made those girls happy ayt!

    he might get a career soon, he might also change for the better cuz he's been there and done that.. w'o any regrets..

    give him a chance to improve, afterall, he's your friend.


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