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Deleted Question: Agree Or Disagree ?

If Enough Cities, Counties, And States

Took The Lead From Cities Like Hazleton, PA

And Farmers Branch, Texas

And Maricopa County, AZ

And The State Of Colorado

ie : Passed Laws Against HIRING ILLEGAL ALIENS


And Restricted State And Federal Funding

(Health, Education, And Welfare Benefits) From Non-Citizens

The Federal Government Would Have NO CHOICE

But To Federally Blanket The Nation

With Similar Restrictions And Laws

WE THE PEOPLE At A Local Level

(City, County, State )

Definitely Have The Majority Vote

Agree Or Disagree



MANY Of My Questions And Answers

Get Deleted

By The Self-Appointed Answers Police

AKA Pro-ILLEGAL Clone-Drones

Update 2:

NONE Of My Q's And A's

Should Be Deleted

I Do Not Violate TOS


I Get My Q's And A's Deleted

The Fact Is That The TRUTH HURTS

And The Clone-Drones Are The Ones

Feeling The Pain

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    I think that your city council is a GREAT place to take that concept. City planners are kind of the base level of government, as it were, and most representative, because they deal with US citizens everyday. If many cities across the nation come to similar conclusions on the issue, and pass to county, to state, and on up to Washington, then there'll be consensus and consequently better national policy. These people are our elected and appointed officials, and they should kind of be listening on this one, even if they think they're rich enough to just disregard all that, or have lots of friends in the oil business or whatever, illegal immigration is one example issue that's an integrity-tester, because it deals with, what else, Large Sums Of Money.

    Example: I work for company X. I have a Suitcase Containing A Large Sum Of Money. You'll be the county planning guy, for purposes of this argument. My company, company X, wants to build a chicken processing plant(insert name of enterprise here), and bring our army of guatemalan illegal aliens who work for 2 bucks an hour, and we want to set it up in your county. Would you take the money?

    We make a billion a year, net profit, with our nationwide chain of illegal chicken processing houses. The suitcase has 10 million dollars in it. Would you take the money? I said, this is an integrity-tester...

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  • DAR
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    1 decade ago

    The housing part is to get out of the education requirements, since they are what hurt local children and treasuries the worst. However, I honestly don't see that part holding up in court, if the court was willing to say 'education' is too necessary. If education is too necessary, isn't housing? Mind you, the court may reverse itself on education.

    In any event, I definitely think the localities should do something. We need to get involved at the local level, however. Did you notice that in Farmer's Branch, landlords (no organized power there) can't rent to illegals, but the business license penalty part did NOT make the final ordinance?

    However, as a message to Congress, the bill definitely works.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have my support 100%. My answers to the racists have on occasion gotten deleted because racists are haters. The PC police - it is apparently built into the program that handles the complaints - are policing YA. States have the constitutional right and as the courts clear some of the wording, it will become law.

    Don't you just laugh at racists who can't take it?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree. One has to talk in the "Third Person" when one is posting on Yahoo. Just like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs movie. Insanity is Yahoo Policy!

    Illegal alien Sympathist will deport a person from Yahoo for Chatting otherwise.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Agree 100%

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  • Dr Dee
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    1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree...totally. It all starts at the local level.

    Also did you see what Houston Police have been allowed to start doing?? I think every cop in the US should be allowed to ask whether or not the person they are arresting is a citizen or at least legal. It would definitely help......

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, the question should not be deleted. Even if some think it's a stupid question, it doesn't matter, because it was born of freedom, and a person's right to ask it, so say American citizens who fought, lived, and died for the freedom of each individual, even for those who are not American. Rock on.

    Rdyjoe; I live in S. California, and have balls (meaning the guts), but not litteral "balls", like a man, because I am a chick. You think I'll do? I'm ready!

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  • rdyjoe
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    1 decade ago

    I agree, lets get someone with the balls to start it in California and watch the Dominos fall. The protesting will be enough to rally the rest of the country, let play around with the flag again making the networks show it. Then watch the S*it hi the fan

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  • 4 years ago

    i do no longer understand why this question would have been deleted, yet I accept as true with fact that the federal government would would desire to blanket the rustic with comparable rules and regulations, yet possibly no longer because of the fact the you will desire to think of. the federal government does not would desire to respond to to any state or close by government. And the federal government already has jurisdiction in the part of immigration. in spite of the undeniable fact that, because of the fact we've a representative republic form of government, if sufficient close by governments accompanied such rules, assuming that they have got been accompanied below rigidity/enter from the time-honored public/close by citizenry everywhere in the rustic, the contributors of Congress who serve those aspects would experience compelled to respond to such rigidity from their supplies, besides, and so which you will see the effect indicated. So, once you're actually not maximum appropriate in the indisputable fact that WE the persons on the close by point truthfully have the time-honored public, that's actual that we the persons on the close by point could have the time-honored public, if sufficient close by aspects all agree on the comparable difficulty (which infrequently happens).

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