i don want to appear while chatting on the net as astha subba i wan to appear as priya_lim1 help me?

actually my email address is priya_lim1 but while am surfing it appear as astha subba and i didnt want itto happen

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    The fix.

    1). Log into Yahoo! Messenger.

    2). Click on Messenger.

    3). Click on My Contact Details.

    ~If you want to have your First Name only, delete your Last name.

    ~If you want to use the Nickname field, delete your First and Last name and enter the name you would like to see in the IM box in the Nickname field.

    ~If you want only your Account ID to show, leave all fields blank.

    4). Always click Apply and OK when making any changes.

    The reason.....

    you probably signed up for a Yahoo! Messenger Account using your First/Last name. They will show in the IM window when you send an IM or receive an IM from another user, unless you change it.

    That does not mean the other person you are chatting with can see your First/Last name. Your Contact Details must be sent to them. If you have not sent your Contact Details to the other person you are IMing with, they will see your Yahoo! Account Name (or Nickname) and not your First/Last Name.

    If you have previously sent your Contact Details to the other person, they will need to delete you from their list and re-add you in order for you name to change on their list.

    For addition explanation and information go to http://www.chatauthority.com/changename

    You should also edit your Account Information....

    Click on My Account on any Yahoo! Page you have just signed into (at the top of the page under your Yahoo! ID). Sign in and go down to the Address/Contact Information Section. Click on Edit. First and Last name fields MUST be filled in but you can change them to anything you would like. Click Finish.


    Source(s): For additional Yahoo! help and Yahoo! Messenger Tutorials http://www.chatauthority.com/
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