What are the main characteristics of a Gemini Guy? Can he be a good boy friend?

My sun sign is Gemini. And I want to know more about my traits.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Geminis are very social people. They like to be in the centre of attention, tends to be talkative, witty and highly intelligent. They are also quite sensitive about what girls want but they need their space. They are not the kind to neglect friends just because they are in a relationship, they'll still seek new experiences and anything that arouses their curiosity. Overall a girl that is open, energetic yet feminine and delicate is best suited for Geminis. They cant handle someone who gets jealoused and possessive easily and who is shy.

    All written from my own knowledge about sunsigns, hope its useful! :D:D

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am gemini they are very fickle by nature they are known as a 'mutable' sign this means they change easily and never stay fixed on one thing.This means they dont make the best boyfriends/girlfriends as they easily fall for others or change their mind.

    They are an air sign which means they are not earth[grounded/sensible] or water[emotional] but intellectual or head in the clouds types.

    Geminis are known as fantastic communicators and speakers/writers,they are thought of as very sociable and great to talk too - so in some ways they can be great as a boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Source(s): lifetime as a gemini
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    1 decade ago

    I think too many people place too much weight in astrological signs. Each person is an individual. My sister is a Pisces and she has NO characteristics of a Pisces. If you want to read up about your sign, go to the library or to a book store and get some books on astrological signs, or of course you can look it up online

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