i love my ex girlfriend?

I dated this girl for three years we were young when we started dating. We are still young(20) but at the same time mature. We lived togather for 2 years did all the things that older couples did. Things in my life frustrated me and made me act not the way i should have. Took her for granite and all that fought etc. Jealousy is the maint KEY and i hate it. I love this girl with all my heart and i think that she still loves me?. She wanted to take a break for awhile and me not having much of a choice went with it. We are officialy broken up and its been about 2 months i miss her alot. She has been calling me to go out to dinner initiating contact when we go out she wants to start over as friends what are the chances she means that or should i move on???? Is patience the key or is she stringin me along??

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    1 decade ago
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    i definitely think she wants to get back with you. strong feelings don't go away in 2 years, much less 2 months! it sounds like you like her, so hey why not give it a chance and take it at the pace you want. you could start by talking and hanging out a little and see where things go.

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