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Your opinion on a Record Attempt?

My cousin (11 years old and male) wanted to see if he could set a record. He wants to see if he could set the record of having your feet tickled for the longest time. I told him he can't, because of the fact that someone who is not ticklish could say they are and last forever having their feet tickled. He refuses to admit he is wrong, but I do give it to him, he has really ticklish feet and can last a while. I can't even touch his socked feet without him giggling. He had his sister tickle his feet (with him wrapped in a blanket with his socked feet sticking out of one end) for 5 minutes and 32 seconds and he was in complete hysterics, his eyes were watering. I just want to know if the public can tell me how long their kids, cousins, or brothers can last having their feet tickled and how ticklish they are. Just to see where my cousin is at (Even though I still think its a pointless record)


P.S. Do you think that it matters that he always has his feet tickled with socks on, or should they be bare? When I tickle his socked feet, he goes absolutely nuts with laughter. Just wondering what you think

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    No idea if guiness has a record currently. But who knows? they could be interested in making one. Personally I'm extremely ticklish on my feet and will usually pull them away pretty quickly. But my brothers always made me see how long I could take it when I was growing up. I think I lasted like maybe a minute one time.

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    I've never heard of that record. You should contact Guiness for that and it is probably without socks.

    I can tickle my daughter (15 now) into hysterics without even touching her....I just pretend like I'm going to tickle her (armpits are good) and say "tickle tickle tickle" as I wag my finger towards her.

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