What is the difference between Motherboard Processor & CPU?

How do I know which processor is on my motherboard and in CPU? What r their functions & how it works? Pls help

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    1 decade ago
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    Hmmmm, I think you may have some confusion there.

    A CPU (Central Processing Unit or processor) is on your MB (motherboard) it is the main processor or brain of the PC.

    Some PC's also have video chips, sometimes called video processors inbedded as well.

    The CPU makes the computer more than a box with a light on it. It is the part that performs the mathematical functions of the PC. Without it you would not be able to load Windows, a floppy or do anything on the PC.

    A video chip is a processor for the video or pictures you see on the monitor.


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    4 years ago

    A processor is the CPU the 'brain' if you want to call it of the PC so it handles data. This partly determines the speed of your PC. The motherboard is the main chip board where most parts of the computer connects at. It basically connects everything together. no offense but I have to be honest with you, it doesn't sound like you're quite knowledgable on PC parts since you're getting two very different parts mixed up wich is an uncommon thing for a person to do. I strongly suggest that you buy a book about building Pcs or browse around the internet for help. There are many websites that can help you so google it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The motherboard has a chipset on it that takes care of some of the simple processes to help out the CPU. The way you worded it made me think they were the same thing, but the chipset isn't referred to as a "processor", but acts much like one.

    Source(s): Geek Squad Agent
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  • 1 decade ago

    The chipset is North bridge and South Bridge. The CPU does all the processing .. The north bridge works together with the MCH (Memory Control Hub) The south bridge handles all the IO peripherals. I can see what you are talking about now. Considering the north bridge does have a heat sink

    Source(s): A+ Tech
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  • 1 decade ago

    CPU is whole unit (main computer (not KB, mouse etc.) in case of desktop) , while MB is a board installed in the CPU. Other cards like, modem, KB, mouse, network etc are connected with / thru MB.

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