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what are the controversies about william shakespeare?

please help me with these... Please say something about these controversies..

1. Shakespeare does not exist

2. He is homosexual

3. His works are only plagiarism

4. why is he called the universal poet?

please also include sources if you have..thanks!

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    1. ... v.v'... people really shouldn't be jealous of his genius. Such ignorance.

    2. YAY! All the more reason to like him! Gay guys rock, damnit! Sure beats heteros... by the way, he could either be gay OR bi. He had a lover, but he also had a family. *shrugs* But that could be pre-knowing he was gay.

    3. Never heard that one before... if that were true, he must've had a lot of dirty-minded friends as many of his works were considered pretty raunchy.

    4. I don't know. Research it yourself. Sheesh. Maybe it's because he's written so freaking many of them... all about love, death, betrayal... etc. Very UNIVERSAL.

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    1. This one is true. He does not exist. Shakespeare's stories have been written by someone else. Maybe using this name as a pen name.

    2. Not sure about this, especially if he does not exist.

    3.Yeah, mostly.

    4.Refer to the first idea.


    I think Shakespeare either does not exist or he just took somebody else's works!

    Source(s): Just heard somewhere.
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  • 4 years ago

    human beings are continually up in fingers about him being bisexual. He replaced into bi! undeniable and straightforward! They both declare that "oh, that is only how adult males reported their friendships back then". Um, honestly no, they did not. Others say that he wasn't committed to his spouse in any respect that is a lie. He replaced into madly, insanely in love inclusive of his spouse and that they had an extremely chuffed marriage. i do not understand if she knew he replaced into with adult males on the aspect even though it would not look to have affected her love for her in any respect.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The homosexual controversy arises out of his sonnets. They can be read as a love triangle between a "fair young man," the author, and the "dark lady" (who was NOT Anne Hathaway, his wife).




    (Or just google "Shakespeare's homosexual sonnets)

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    his cock was too big for his own good

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