Laaaaag :(?

I'm lagging on battlefield vietnam single computer meets all the requirements.....but i still lag...does anyone know how 2 get rid of lag on single player? do i need 2 upgrade my ram or memory ?

please halp me :(


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  • 1 decade ago
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    adding ram is the best thing i would suggest, but also look into the game's options like maybe resolution, or your video card's resolution, maybe if you lower the resolution a little it will play at full frames per second. if not, try out this program, it's freeware and i use it, works great, look into it's options also.

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  • 1 decade ago

    an example of extreeeeme lagging. THE SIMS. i have well above the requirement, it still has a bit of lagging. My cousin meets the requirements, she has a lot more. It often depends on how many other applications you have running. How many bits of hardware connected , and if you are using the net. If it still doesn't speed up, then u will need more ram. ideally u need a better prcessor, but thats 2 expensive, better of buyin a new pc.

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