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I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled. Any post-care suggestions?

I'm going to have all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out soon. Aside from the pain medication that the dentist provides, does anyone have suggestions for home remedies that also ease discomfort? What about some of your favorite (strawless) meals to eat/drink/slurp on those first few painful days. Any words of encouragement? Thanks, guys!

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    - mashed potatoes - with real butter & sour cream

    - scrambled eggs with shredded cheddar cheese putin while cooking so it melts easily

    - yogurt - please have yogurt and east at least one a day - helps with what can be an after effect of the antibiotics in women too!

    - sweet potatoes

    - soups

    - applesauce

    - ice cream!

    stay awy from tomoato, citrus or other items with acid.

    fold some wash cloths, dunk then in water, squeeze out the excess (just do it's not drippy) put into ziploc baggies, stick in the freezer. they work great for the 15 minutes on and then off routine for the swelling.

    have some gingerale on hand in case you start feeling queezy.

    Good Luck!!

    PS - make sure you have some regular tea bags on hand. if the bleeding after gets too much you can use it - soakit in water, let sit ont he gum for 20 minutes (no peeking or removal) then remove -cures the bleeding 99% of the time.

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  • Ryan R
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    If you are among the lucky ones, as I was, you may not feel any discomfort at all. I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was in high school, before they came through my gums. I was playing baseball the next day and never had to open the pain medication I got.

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    I had this same thing done, because apparently I had too many teeth in my mouth for my jaw size. (go figure!) I had very bad headaches as a result. After my teeth were pulled I packed crushed garlic in a gauze and covered that with olive oil. I kept this small and nasty pack in my mouth for as long as I could (I think that was about a couple of hours at a time for 24 hours with hour long breaks and lo and behold....I could eat solid foods without breaking the stiches the next day. Of course my gums had closed in around the dissolvable stiches and I healed wonderfully.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you smoke, don't while your gums are healing or you may suck out a clot and give you a dry socket (which is worse than the tooth ache). I ate alot of soup or anything I didn't have to chew for a few days. I had a good dentist, I didn't need any pain killers after the extractions, I hope yours is as good. good luck

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    make yourself a fresh pineapple smoothie or milkshake...fresh pineapple does a lot to reduce swelling and helps with healing.

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