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I was treated for UT infection (klebiesiella) for 21 days but the problem persists .advice for full cu-rel?

I was treated for uti infection after c/s urine with OF 7and gati 400 for 21days. ultrasound of KUB was quiet normal.burning sensation at the tip of penis persists during day time.there is no frequent urge for passing urine. I have no other genital disease or problem,kindly advise.

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    If the KUB was normal, that indicates the urinary system is o.k. The burning sensation is not normal. Return to the Dr. and ask about this problem. You obviously have some sort of inflammatory process going on that needs to be treated. Since you now have a history of UTI, include cranberry juice or cranberry juice supplements in your diet to help keep your urinary system healthy and drink plenty of fluids to flush the system well daily.

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    Drink lots of water and fluids to flush any possible remaining infection causing bacteria, and perforably juice with high acid levels such as orange or cranberry, these tend to keep the bacteria levels down in the kidney and bladder due to their ph levels.

    Another thing you can use is a product called AZO, which is made out of cranberry juice and use for this purpose.

    Also try going to your neighborhood natural/homeopathic store, these also carry great products in stock for this problem, and since it's all natural wont affect any medication that you may be taking.

    Source(s): personal experience
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