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What does a tiny red-X in a small box in the top left corner of a file mean?

Happening often enough to be a concern, I ocassionally get this icon and another when opening an email that's supposed to contain a file, often (maybe exclusively) a picture. I've come to realize that either something is there that my machine can't convert, or the person who sent it (maybe their own machine or the web) failed to do something... Sometimes I can see the file if I toggle a setting within my mail service, but I've checked my settings repeatedly. This occurance happens across services (hotmail, yahoo, gmail) and within Yahoo! Groups... I know about settings, but I shouldn't be stumbling over this as often as I do. While most of the time the file is no big deal, on ocassion it's a very big deal!

If anyone can relate, any input might help resolve the issue... If anyone knows how to correct it, please HELP !!!!

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    It means that the URL for the image is invalid for some reason. Either the website that the image originated from has shut down or changed, or the person sending the image didn't type the URL correctly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its a "BETA" file. Unless you enabled beta, you can't view the file, or photo.

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  • 1 decade ago

    right click on it and click on show picture

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