The ken doll song?

Does anyone know the Lyrics to I'm a Ken doll, I've got no nads at all, I'll always fail ya', got no genitalia...., who it is made by, and where i could get it? Thank U!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Ken Song by Aqua or ,

    "Ken (A Doll's Tale)" Parody by Kristof Robertson

    Ken: cool dude, snappy dresser, but.....

    Ken, why is it you don't have a shlong?

    Seems that your creators got it wrong

    Though you wear the nicest clothes

    A life without a hose

    Is full of misery

    It's sad that you can't pee

    (It's sad that you can't pee)

    Ken, you're wondrin' where does Barbie go?

    She's been gettin' down with GI Joe!

    She says that you're really sweet

    But 'cause you are sans meat

    And don't wear combat gear

    You're out on your fake rear

    (You're out on your fake rear)

    You used to be..."fab" and "cool"

    What you a tool

    (You used to be..."fab" and "cool")

    (What you a tool)

    Ken, it's time to go back to Mattel

    Ask them if they can give you some "swell"

    Maybe a piercing or two

    A chinese script tattoo

    I'm sure they'll think again

    And they'll fill your Calvins, Ken

    (Poor Ken)

    Poor Ken

    (Poor Ken)

    Poor Ken

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