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lexington law firm for credit fixin? has any one heard of it??

im looking to fix my credit.. has any one heard of this company?? have you used it?? im credit is bad i cant even get a car.. help?? any ways to fix it.???

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    It's always an uncomfortable position to be in. I have found a some information on FIXING YOUR CREDIT which may help. It helped me. See the source box below for a link to the article about fixing your credit. When you get there just scroll down a tad.

    Hope this helps.

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    You all are so packed with BS... I did use Lexington regulation. i began out on Oct one million, via Dec 31 - I went from a 525 to a 740.. via the tip of February i became at an 860. i became waiting to purchase 2 new automobiles and a Diesel Motor trainer. automobiles at a one million.2% pastime and the motor trainer at a three% pastime. i'm interior the path of securing a house loan. My credit became thoroughly wiped sparkling up in under 5 months. ANd it didn;t value very plenty the two. i became under $500 for his or her amenities. so which you all can say want you want. i be conscious of for a actuality that Lexington regulation is a hundred% common of their dealings. there have been time that i necessary to help as I had a couiple costs that I setteled at a lesser value to close the account. it particularly is the incorrect think of to do. The creditor won't settle for a letter to get rid of the destructive. you ought to call the creditor or the organisation that dealt with the destructive credit, in my case it became furnish & Weber. I referred to as them. asked them if i'm able to pay ofdf the stability that became owed. they had to touch the preliminary organisation. The preliminary organisation pronounced specific we can reopen the case. and that's how I have been on condition that one bumped off and via Lexington regulation. (Suprise, the relax value became purely $18.sixty 4. think of approximately it. In my previous i setteled for a help of the cost for $18.sixty 4, i became an fool to have performed that. SO do now not discredti Lexinigton regulation, in case you probably did now not help in helping them sparkling the quite some undesirable credit report that became out of their administration. (Like this very subject be counted I merely stated throughout the time of this submit)... Repairing credit isn't low value and might get costly. For me it became a heavy weight lifted. flow forward as you will, yet do now not knock Lexington regulation if y ou did now not enable their software to comprehensive artwork, in any different case you probably did now not carry a hand to help them in areas that have been out of their administration.

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    Yes. No. Yes. See other ways to improve your credit below.

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