whats the drees code for Tehachapi state prison?

please give me detail of the rules not web links just the info plz ;}

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    I'm assuming you mean for visitors:

    Here's the scoop...

    Visitor Attire

    It is recommended that visitors dress conservatively and with the following guidelines in mind.

    Inappropriate attire will be reason to deny a visit. Any alteration to clothing once a visitor is inside the

    visiting area will be grounds for terminating the visit.

    Prohibited Attire

    • Clothing which, in any combination of shades or types of material/fabric, resembles California

    State-issued inmate clothing, blue denim or chambray shirts and blue denim pants.

    • Clothing that resembles law enforcement or military-type clothing, including rain gear.

    • Hats, wigs or hairpieces (except with prior written approval of the Visiting Sergeant).

    • Clothing that exposes the breast/chest area, genital area, or buttocks.

    • Dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts exposing more than two inches above the knee, including slits

    when standing.

    • Sheer or transparent garments.

    • Strapless or "spaghetti” strap tops.

    • Clothing exposing the midriff area.

    • Clothing or accessories displaying obscene or offensive language or drawings.

    • Brassieres with metal underwires or any other detectable metal are not permitted.

    Allowable items:

    • Identification Card.

    • One Handkerchief, no bandannas.

    • Tissue Pack, unopened.

    • Clear Change Purse.

    • $30 Per Adult and $10.00 Per Minor Visitor, in Coin or One Dollar Bills Only.

    • Comb or Brush.

    • Two Keys On A Ring with No Attachments.

    • 10 Photographs.

    • Indian Medicine Bag, upon inspection and approval.

    • Two small (less than 12 inches in length) solid toys.

    • One Infant Carrier.

    • Six Disposable Diapers.

    • Factory-Sealed Baby Wipes.

    • Two Transparent Plastic Baby Bottles of Pre-Mixed Formula/Milk/Juice Per Baby.

    • One Transparent Pacifier.

    • Three Jars of Factory Sealed Baby Food and One Plastic Baby Spoon.

    • One Single-Layer Baby Blanket.

    • One Transparent Diaper Bag.

    • One Change of Baby Clothing.

    • One Single-Layer Burp Cloth.

    Visitors may retain only life-sustaining, condition-stabilizing medication with the prescribing

    physician's written statement of its immediate need, and only in the physician's prescribed amount

    immediately required to sustain or stabilize the condition during the visit. The physician’s written

    statement shall include the physician’s medical license number, address, and phone number.

    All medication shall be in its original pharmacy container with the patient's name, pharmacy, name of

    medication, prescribed dosage, and the physician's name indicated on the container's label.

    Nonprescription medicine is not permitted.

    Prohibited Items

    • All tobacco and tobacco products.

    • Food. All refreshments are to be purchased from the vending machines located in the visiting

    room, except Camps and Ranches.

    • Chewing gum.

    • Purses.

    • Cameras.

    • Pagers.

    • Cell phones.

    • Writing materials or books, unless approved prior to entering the Visiting Room.

    Visiting Room Procedures

    Each visitor and inmate is responsible for his or her own conduct while visiting. Violation of the rules

    and regulations may result in termination, restriction, suspension, or denial of visits. Additionally,

    disciplinary action may be taken against the inmate. An inmate and his/her visitor(s) are allowed to

    briefly embrace and kiss at the beginning and end of their visit. An inmate may hold his or her minor

    children. Inmates may also hold minor children accompanied by an adult. Children are to remain

    under the direct supervision and control of the visiting parent or guardian at all times. Holding hands

    on top of the table in plain view is permitted, with no other physical contact. Excessive contact,

    (kissing, massaging, stroking, and sitting with legs intertwined or sitting on laps) could result in

    termination of the visit. Nursing mothers shall be discreet and covered when breast-feeding their baby

    in the visiting area. Failure to do so may result in termination of visiting for that day. Inmates cannot

    receive any items, gifts, money, jewelry, or documents during a visit. However, the adult visitor may

    ask for a pencil and notebook paper as needed. Smoking is not allowed in the visiting rooms or

    outside patios in the institutions at any time.

    For more info about CCI, hit this site http://prisontalk.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=70...

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  • 4 years ago


    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database : http://CriminalRecords.raiwi.com/?dNWY
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  • 4 years ago

    Tehachapi State Prison

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    They use handcuffs and shackles during transporation, and a van divided into really small cubicles that you'll likely have to share. There will definitely be a strip search, and a shower with yes, one wall, lice shampoo. You'll have to squat, spread your cheeks, and cough, and lift up your breasts. There will be a female guard doing this. The shower at the one I was at was in a shower room with a door, but it was unlockable and had a cutout window so the guard could check on me if I was in there too long. (I was also on suicide watch) The toilet was a stainless steel one right beside the door of your cell, and if you share a cell you hace to use it infront of your cellmate if you're on lockdown (all night and usually for 1/2 hour increments during the day). So basically, as trooper said, privacy as you know it will be gone, it really sucks and is a big deterrent for me not to go back. When you have your period you have to ask the guard each time you need a pad or tampon. Don't mean to scare you, just telling it like it is. Be friendly to everyone, try not to choose sides in other people's arguement and fights, don't suck up to the guards, don't cause trouble where the whole unit will be punished for something you did. Most people get through it ok, good luck girl. I don't know about the law where you live, but here in provincial prison you serve 2/ 3rd's of you time, and any time spent on remand in custody counts as double time.

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  • 4 years ago

    Tehachapi Prison

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    This Site Might Help You.


    whats the drees code for Tehachapi state prison?

    please give me detail of the rules not web links just the info plz ;}

    Source(s): whats drees code tehachapi state prison: https://tr.im/s3PtX
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    I've never been to prison there. Sorry I can't help, best of luck to you.

    Source(s): I looked it up on the net and found nothing about dress code.
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