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The 1st Muslin elected to Congress just happens to support gay rights unions. Why does that sound ...?

justaboud right? "...can you not discern the signs of the times?"...[Mat 16:2.3]

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    I don't really know what his position is or much about him. But it could be that he supports separation of religion and state. In other words, there are those of us that don't believe we should use the government to try to make everyone conform to the rules of our own religion and we believe in extending Constitutional rights to everyone.

    "On issues like the war in Iraq, universal health care and increased school funding, Ellison is in sync with the opinions of most other Muslims. Yet his pro-choice stance on abortion, his support for gay rights and his support for Israel are in sharp contrast to the sentiments of most Muslims. Like members of other religious groups, Muslim-Americans are not monolithic in their views."1

    "Ellison's campaign brought people together from all walks of life. It earned him diverse endorsements, from the Somali-American Democratic Association to the American Jewish World newspaper."1

    This is the statement from Kieth Ellison for Congress website:

    Keith Ellison: I believe in the human rights of all people, and I believe that in order to project a progressive agenda for the country that puts working men and women at the center of our public policy, we’ve got to fight any sort of wedges and divisions that keep us apart from each other. I've been a strong advocate for the GLBT community because I believe in the human rights of all people including the GLBT community, of course. But also because we need to defeat these wedge issues. And so at the capitol I've gotten up and spoken at rallies, spoke up on the house floor and really tried to make the argument that were all in this thing together. We cant exclude anyone and we can’t say that anyone is without their rights. And that’s GLBT people or immigrants or anyone who’s struggling to just try to live their lives. 2.

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    I guess poor guy thought this is the only way to stay in power in America

    Source(s): BIBYA
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    Sounds just like alleged Catholic politicians supporting abortion.

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    theyre better than christians?

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