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The fence and amnesty are not the answers to the question of illegal immigration...what is?

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    we could have sealed that border years ago we chose not to, we as americans have reaped the rewards of cheap hard working labor, its built our economy to where it is today, without them be prepared to be dropped a notch on that totem pole

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    The answer to the illegal immigration problem concerns the employers. There are millions of illegals coming here every year for a chance to make money. They are difficult to catch and hard to keep out. There are only thousands of employers intent on cashing in on the profits to be made off the sweat of those who cannot command higher wages because they have no legal standing. To end the problem of illegals, all that is necessary is to fine and otherwise punish the employers who hire them. No work, no illegals. Why is this not done? Follow the money, such as the donations to politicians by the likes of Tyson Foods, the city of La's Vegas, numerous restaurants, etc. The solution is technically simple. Yet we are distracted by such things as a Berlin Wall on our border by politicians who have no intent or interest in solving the problem which is very real for many individuals and states.

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    I disagree with you. The fence is a step in the right direction; however, make it a WALL and build it the whole length of the border. and beef up the border patrol. Also, stringently enforce the laws regarding illegal immigration that are already on the books! No jobs, no places to live, no free medical care, no social benefits, no free schooling, no anchor babies! Deport as they are found. If this were all done, many would self-deport, costing the taxpayers nothing.

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    Immigration is a 'win-win' situation. America needs the workers and immigrants need/want the jobs. Since immigration is a 'good thing' for everyone, we need to recognize this and develop an immigration policy/system that promotes legal, responsible and adequate levels of immigration.

    When people can come here legally, through an open, transparent, affordable process; there will be no 'need' for them to come here illegally. When the process is legal and properly managed (that one is a big 'if'), then the few 'bad apples' can be weeded out.

    America is an immigrant society. Even though my family has been here for over 150 years, originally 'we' still came here as immigrants. This is true for all Americans (even native Americans immigrated from other continents). Hard working and honest immigrants are the essence of America. We will continue to have them, and we need them for continued economic growth. The key is to develop a system that encourages immigration and makes it easy and legal.

    Sadly, politics (politicians) rarely solves these types of emotional issues effectively.

    Best wishes.

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    IF you hire an illegal,or rent them a apartment then everyone in that organization from the CEO on down should go to jail. Once word gets back to Mexico and Central America that there are no more jobs or apartments then they will stop coming. Of course get ready to pay twice as much for food, clothing, housing, vacations and lawn care. But you say our salaries will go up if the illegal are not hear. Well no they won't .

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    Mexico's the source of most of the illegal immigration, so addressing illegal immigration starts with Mexico.

    I suggest:

    A new border treaty...that says both the US and Mexico will work in concert to prohibit and prevent illegal immigration. Put it on paper, in black and white.

    I also support the fence, it's been proven to be effective in the places where it's been put in. The border fence bill has made provision for the construction of 700 miles' worth of fence, and the fact that Mexico's been screaming bloody murder about it and threatening to take us before the UN about it speaks VOLUMES about the impact it could have.

    Mexico has failed to modernize. Despite all the billions we've paid taxes to drop into their economy, they've still managed to miss the boat. The 1986 amnesty established a precedent and an expectation that amnesties will be the way illegal immigration is handled in the future. The enforcement provisions that were promised in the wake of '86 never really manifested themselves,

    and employers etc. came to accept that they would be using illegal labor.

    Well, this is 2006, now, and there's 12-20 million, not the 3 million that were granted amnesty back then.

    To combat illegal immigration will take many things, including and especially a full-out commitment on the part of Mexico and other countries that people are fleeing to america from to get their houses in order, start creating jobs, start doing some civil planning, so forth and so on. City, state, and national law enforcement will have to co-operate(work together) to find out What's Really Going On, Here, and figure out strategies and solutions to address the problem.

    Mainly, though, supporting enforcement sends a message that no, we will not pass as many amnesties as other countries feel like sending people. Immigration policy is important, and it needs to be clear and it needs to be implemented. The reason the United States doesn't look like some of the countries these people are running away from YET is because we do have some laws, rules, and regulations that govern the entire mess, laws etc. that got passed as a result of past experiences. Give it 5 years at the current rate, though, and your kitty-cat could end up on someone's barbecue grill etc, and everyone would just shrug their shoulders. Cat burgers, anyone? LOL

    We've got a good country, or there wouldn't be this mad rush to enter illegally. What needs to be established and addressed is what changes other countries need to be making so that the trend changes, maybe even reverses. But, regardless, our cities and communities need to be 'firewalled' from having to absorb X quantity of people daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and have runaway growth vectors that'll do things like driving us into irrecoverable debt etc.

    There's also crime. YOU might follow the law, you were brought up that way. The 3 nice young gentlemen that just snuck in last night come from a place where the 'law' is a pistol. How attached are you to your car? Hmmm....

    The idea behind immigration is assimilation. Runaway immigration, legal, illegal, or otherwise, is basically saying that no one has sufficient objection to the mass introduction of millions of usually poor, non-english-speaking people into their state to stand up and take issue with the practice with their state legislature. Runaway immigration is also not a way to encourage assimilation, witness the whole business with Mexico. Now we're at 'you stole our land' etc.

    I support having better borders, city/state enforcement, employer enforcement, that border treaty idea, as well as working actively with poor countries to help them improve their own situations, because that's a 'hand up', not a 'handout', it's legal, it's what most people would likely agree on being a good cause, global poverty causes many other problems, so trying to help fix it is a good idea, but I think there's miles to go in making that whole business publicly accountable, basically by erasing a lot of the fraud, graft, and incompetence out of what we now call 'foreign aid' would go a long way, in my view, toward stanching the flow of illegal immigration. And, work with the countries that our country helps to get them working in the same spirit, neighbor helping neighbor etc. THAT would be something awesome to see, because it would help reduce problems faster AND it wouldn't just be 'the United States' doing it etc.

    I think also that if the Catholics are so concerned with the welfare and well-being of the poor in Mexico and elsewhere, that they should take their billions upon billions and GO to these countries, and start spending some of it there, instead of standing around and trying to give americans morality lectures and so forth.

    They need to do some soul-searching and discover for themselves how 'moral' it is to have their hand in your wallet to begin with.

    Finally, bust up the immigration 'business'. All those immigration lawyers, all these scams, all these little deals that've sprung up around the idea of one person deciding to move to a new country, clean it all out. There's more than just a little fraud,

    ID theft and fake ID and so forth is high science, and big business.

    If you somehow miraculously managed to do all of that, we'd be closer to being on the road to immigration 'reform' in my view...

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    1) Immigration from Anglo Countries, Latin America will only be eligible for a work visa and bonds will be determined by supply and demand in the labor market.

    2)Outside Latin America, or Former British Commonwealth nations of Australia, Canada, UK, NZ. A statement to assure not to get government benefits that drain social services.

    3) Outside those countries listed the only legal way to get a work visa is to provide 20 jobs to Americans or invest 200,000 dollars into the American economy. In addition, PhD or Master Degrees in high skilled fields can apply too, but would have a bond of 30,000 and assure not to drain social services. The skilled visa only good for 5 years and can be renewed once.

    4)Ban consideration to felons, War Criminals, Anchor Babies from claiming citizenship's and government benefits, and end all family based immigration schemes.

    4)Refugees will get 100,000 spots each year, but would have to prove their life endanger, and their from a political or ethnic conflict.

    5)Bonds will be determined by banks, Credit Card agency for workers apply for a guest worker visa.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Enforce the laws that are already on the books.

    1. No employment, the employers would be fined $10,000.

    2. No home rentals.

    3. No free medical aid.

    If they can not find a job or housing they will go home.

    Stop making their children born here citizens on contact.

    And good riddance I say!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Send them back to fix their own country. We worked hard for the country we have today. Why should they just get to come in and mooch off of all that we have accomplished? They need to go home and have their own Revolution and Civil War and go through everything that we have had to endure as a PROUD UNITED STATES and suffer all the losses that we have to get it this good so that they appreciate being in the land of the free instead of just moving across the border and having it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Strange that we are so late to solve a problem.. almost no one has escaped across the border from North Korea to South Korea in 50 years. We should just copy that border fence.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The lack of demand for immigrant labor is the solution.

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