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i had played a scratch off ticket and its called double crossword from indiana and i wanted to know.....?

hi i bought a scratch off ticket today and the name of the srcatch off ticket is called "double crossword" and i think i may have won but i'm not sure if it so because their are bold letters and there are small letters and the small letters are N, T, V and i'm wondering is that a code to the scratch off or is that the letter retaining to my letters that goes along with the bold letters to and i played this scratch off in indiana so if you live in indiana please give me any type of information on this

i would love to hear you all because i really need your help

thank you in advance

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    haven't play this game yet-but take it to where you can buy more tickets and they will help you out. normally they will just run it through the computer and it will tell u if u won.

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    you only use the letters in the box, the bold capital letters.

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